Aging Life Care Professionals

Allyson Stanton

Allyson Stanton, LBSW, ALCP, has a degree in Medical Social Work, with her entire career focused on the elderly and their families and the life transitions they go through. Allyson has been professionally practicing for over 25 years but started before that volunteering in nursing homes and working as a home health aide in New Jersey where she grew up.

She is extremely passionate about what she does always ensuring that her clients have a voice. Allyson guides older adults and their families through the health care system linking to resources, developing a plan of care and finding solutions that meet their goals. She also finds it very important to talk with people about advance care planning, what their wishes and philosophy are on future treatment and end of life care when necessary. She has extensive knowledge of resources and regulations because of her real work experience in nursing homes, rehab centers, hospitals, assisted livings and continuing care communities. Her mission is to continue to share them so people are informed, educated and have a peace of mind during what is often a very stressful time.

Allyson is the recipient of the 2018 Maryland Gerontological Association Award and was appointed on July 2020 by Governor Hogan to serve a four-year term on the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners. She volunteers as a support group facilitator with the Alzheimer’s Association, is on the NASW Committee on Aging, the Board of Wintergrace Senior Ministries and the Community Advisory Board at UMBC.

Allyson lives in Howard County with her family and proudly serves Howard and surrounding Counties.

Jeannie Finnegan

Currently a Geriatric Care Manager and Certified Dementia Practitioner with Stanton Aging Solutions, Jeannie Finnegan has gained more than 16 years of experience in senior care. In her additional role as a Guest Speaker & Community Educator, she offers inspirational talks, educational seminars, staff training, and support group facilitation. In 2019, Jeannie published her first book: The Miracle of Music — Stories of Hope, Understanding, and Inspiration, based on her work with bringing music to those living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias and the neuroscience behind music’s powerful effects. Jeannie’s passion is helping clients navigate their care journey, putting quality care resources in place, and bringing greater meaning and quality of life to clients and their families.

Jeannie lives in Baltimore County with her family and serves clients in Howard County and the Greater Baltimore area. If you would like Jeannie to speak to your group, please contact her at

Marcie Koenig, LCSW-C, LNHA, has dedicated her entire professional career to serving older adults and their families, strongly advocating for their rights and well-being in a variety of settings. Marcie earned her Master of Social Work degree in 1995 and immediately began working in assisted living communities and nursing homes, as well as an outpatient clinic dedicated to those with neurocognitive challenges.  She became licensed as a Nursing Home Administrator in Maryland in 2003, spending nearly 20 years as an Executive Director and Administrator of several long-term care buildings throughout Maryland. 

Her true passion has always been directly supporting older adults and their families to achieve the highest quality of life possible — through coaching, education, community connections, and therapeutic relationships. 

In 2022, Marcie joined her former coworker, Allyson Stanton, full-time, utilizing her extensive firsthand experience in long-term care settings, her knowledge of community supports, and her skills as a therapist to serve our clients and their loved ones.

Marcie lives with her family in Howard County, Maryland, and supports Howard, Carroll, Frederick, Montgomery and Baltimore counties, and beyond.