National Social Work Month: Looking Back on 30 Years … and Counting

Allyson Stanton of Stanton Aging Solutions

Allyson Stanton, LBSW, ALCP

It is National Social Work Month, which inspired me to reflect on my 30 years of serving geriatric clients and their families. For most of my career, I was a Social Work Director in residential communities. The most rewarding part was giving my clients a voice. I was the advocate for their rights, honoring their wishes and making sure they were treated with respect and dignity. Nothing is more powerful than having a voice. It comes in many forms, verbal and nonverbal, in behaviors and actions and with families and loved ones. There is nothing like hearing these voices and being the person to make sure they are heard. 

I established Stanton Aging Solutions over five years ago. Day to day, I enjoy two things the most: the freedom to represent my clients’ best interests and the opportunity to share 30 years of geriatric healthcare experience. This country is not prepared to age. Guiding them through the healthcare system, educating them about community/assisted living options, and sharing my knowledge is a phenomenal feeling. I want to empower people. I don’t want them to need my services. I want them to know what I know and be prepared. 

Above: Meeting with clients in a Covid unit. Below: Being sworn in for the State Board of Social Work Examiners; receiving the Maryland Gerontological Award.

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